Architectural illusion

Dominique Antony has made a spectacular mural painting representing local alleys and houses of the town of Bedarieux in the South of France. The colors are the same on the houses of the town. The  underground river  surging in this painting is typical of others in towns of the region. The perspective is carefully calculated to make the architecture look convincing and has produced an architectural trompe-l’oeil. Everything here is painted: the tiles, the shutters and windows, the alley, stairs, stone work the heron and the river.

Before there was a concrete blanck  wall
On completion the painted wall is a trompe-l'oeil of the local architecture harmonises with other buildings in the center of Bédarieux, a town in southern France
View from the bridge

Closer up

In the making
Jenny and Félix painting

Work in progress

Jenny and Félix

Félix painting

General view from afar


The artists, Dom and Jenny with the Mayor