Interior murals

Lobies, venues, conference rooms, restaurants, business centres and car parks commissioned work.

Sub-marine  painting 2.8 x 6mn in the hall of student accommodation, Paris 

Private home 3.5 x. 3.8 m

Details of 170 meters long painting on 5 levels for a car park in Strasbourg (France). Embellishing car parks with murals discourages unsocial behaviour. Murals help customers find their vehicles in what can be a maze of cars.

Access ramp to a car park in Paris-la-Défense. The whale, 20 meters by 3,5 m.

Detail of a mural painting in the Science and Industry Museum in Paris 15m x 2.5m


The foyer of an building. commissioned by the developper.

Mural on canvas 3.5m x2.5m
For a private home

In the work shop painting can be done on canvas (then glued onsite) keeping the work site free for other workers and. ensuring that the deadlines are met.
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