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Street art festival

Street art

The event takes place in a building that was a warehouse for wool: Younghusband Woolstore, well known to Melbournians, place of concerts and events located four kilometers northwest of CBD, the City of Melbourne (Central Business District).
A large dark room called The Tallows, black walls and floor with industrial bay window. This is where I paint.

Light and matter emerge from the shadows

A cast iron street valve, so precious water

The Tallows
© Photo by @ p1xels
Work on progress

The road and it’s ditch



Nature takes over

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Architectural illusion

Dominique Antony has made a spectacular mural painting representing local alleys and houses of the town of Bedarieux in the South of France. The colors are the same on the houses of the town. The  underground river  surging in this painting is typical of others in towns of the region. The perspective is carefully calculated to make the architecture look convincing and has produced an architectural trompe-l’oeil. Everything here is painted: the tiles, the shutters and windows, the alley, stairs, stone work the heron and the river.

Before there was a concrete blanck  wall
On completion the painted wall is a trompe-l'oeil of the local architecture harmonises with other buildings in the center of Bédarieux, a town in southern France
View from the bridge

Closer up

In the making
Jenny and Félix painting

Work in progress

Jenny and Félix

Félix painting

General view from afar


The artists, Dom and Jenny with the Mayor


Architectural trompe-l'oeil

Dominique Antony was commissioned to paint a mural on this wall in Enghein-Les-Bains near Paris by the City Council in 2018. Dominique previously had painted 3 murals in the town .The council received extremely positive feedback from the inhabitants and  commissioned this 4th mural from Dominique.
Dominique’s work blends in with the 19th century architecture of the town. In this example you see an interpretation of an existing home in the area on a background of bricks which is the continuity of the actual building it is painted on. It continues the front facade. This is called a Trompe l’oeil.

The ugly grey ciment wall before being painted.
An architectural continuity and blending in with the surroundings and style was required.
Enghein-les-Bains near Paris.
Creativity and imagination for a unsightly wall...
Here is the end result where everything is painted, the bricks, the stone work, the plants...
This is a two dimentional wall and an architectural trompe-l'oeil

Jenny painting

Jenny Antony at work on the house
The scaffolding

Painting the bricks and false cornice from the scaffolding

Architectural illusion
This amazing trompe-l'oeil astounds the passer-by.

A few notes and sketches prior