Once a design is agreed upon to specific dimensions, it can be painted on high quality polyester canvas and be applied to the wall so meeting time frames. The canvas can also be fire retardant and acoustic.  The design can also be painted directly on the wall.

Depending on the wall surface, the mural can be painted directly on the wall or on canvas and applied at the site.

Hanging a  very large painting on canvas on a wall


Hanging a canvas.

See a detail of the painting

A guarantee of quality
We initiate murals with imagination and vision. We are present during the entire process of creation which begins with research, documentation and sketches, then goes to the painting phase. This is our expertise. We aspire to excellence in a given time frame and are committed to representing the ideas and aspirations of our clients.
For exterior walls we use paints that have a 20 years manufacturers guarantee, have no VOCs and are 100% biodegradable. Our paintings do not fade, flake or peel and stay fresh and vibrant for decades.
Flexibility, adaptability, improvisation, invention contribute to the quality of the creation and provides the client a genuine mural, the true signature of the mural artist.

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